What is Our Town Crier?
A state-of-the-art virtual town square where consumers and independent business come to meet.
To give local consumers and independent businesses many great reasons to support each other. To make sure our towns will not lose any more of the charm that independent stores naturally bring. For this reason, Our Town Crier includes only local owner-run and occupied businesses.
Businesses- Post descriptions, incentives, photos, and videos of their goods and services, links to their own web sites, upcoming events, impromptu sales, menus, and catalogues.

Consumers– Come to learn about special offers, great word of mouth, special events, new products, services, and so much more.

Our Town Crier was created by Betsy Pollak, an independent business owner/operator of gift shops for the past 18 years. During her many years at Westport Gift, this idea was born. Betsy realized that using testimonials and incentives (many of which were placed on her front counter at the store) brought consumers to frequent those businesses. On the Our Town Crier web site the addition of photo galleries, videos, detailed descriptions, and a link to each business website adds the benefit of an online shopping portal. Our Town Crier facilitates the conveyance of important information to neighborhood consumers as did the Town Crier of long ago.
Independent neighborhood businesses both large and small now have a place to be heard. Businesses and consumers can connect in our virtual town square, creating mutually advantageous relationships that benefit us all.
We are constantly updating our web site and welcome all suggestions at mailto:comments@ourtowncrier.com?subject=comments